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Yesterday night I was watching Sugao 2 and then I watch
Sugao... everytime I watch their concert(s), it gives me a different feeling
with a different look.

Maybe it's because that everytime I watch it I have someone different or more/less to focus on...!? But from the first time I watch Sugao till now, I found that I like it more than the new one... Perhaps, the old one was more focus on Yuki, Imai, and Ohno...

Although, all my favorite Kansai Juniors and Sakurai Sho were left
out but the feeling and everything is better...
The first time I watch it, I thought that the stage was too small and the light
is no enough... but I found that both of the arenas are almost
the same size but with a different structure in the stage. Obviously, it
was because now they got more Jr.

(compare with Tokyo Dome ~ both of them are too small !!)

And, now they even have a new group called Arashi... well, I think Ohno look
more happy and active before than now. Even though I don't like him at the
beginning... The first time I saw him in the concert, I think that he is kind of cute but...
I don't want to see him in here... Maybe I expected too much in others...

From the first day I saw the seniors dancing in TV until now,
I always think that they were the best dancers of all (Imai is an exception) !!